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Introducing B E L F I O R E  H E R B A L a vegan and botanical skincare line. Belfiore was founded in 2020 by Zehra Murthy a UCSF Scientist. Murthy wanted to help people getting ripped off by modern day skincare companies, so she decided to create a line that was healthy and affective. She knew her extensive knowledge in biology and her farming capabilities could make a difference in the skincare industry.  All of the products are grown on the Belfiore Farm in California.  The ingredients are formulated to have the highest level of Vitamin A,B,C,D and E .

“Each ingredient within each product should have a function to build healthy cells and a healthy extracellular matrix for new cells to thrive in. Each product should match the skin’s lipid structure, be pH balanced, and non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) to allow the nourishing vitamins a pathway into the skin cells. “

Building a skincare line in the middle of a pandemic certainly was not easy, but Zehra found creative ways to allow her family and friends to try her products and give their feedback. She would host social distance backyard parties and mail her products to family members in India. Communicating on WhatsApp, Zoom and other social media platforms to ensure the products were effective. By the time the Belfiore Herbal online store went live in October 2020, over 500 friends and family had tried Zehra’s formulations and an initial recurring customer base was born.

Always loving to get her hands dirty, Zehra still does all the “behind the scenes” work herself – she plants, tends to, and harvests all the lavender, rosemary, marigold, oranges and carrots, distills all the essential oils and hydrosols, creates the infused oils, and she blends & formulates all creams and serums. The company is currently run by the tag-team mother-son duo of Zehra (who just turned 72 this past year!) and Rohit. Belfiore Herbal is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. If you want to check out their products please visit them online at