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Let’s face it NO SUMMER LOOK is complete without a stylish pair of shades to accentuate your outfit. WOODZEE , a sustainable sunglass and accessory company does just that.  They are keeping it fresh and on trend with a unique twist. The brand was established in July 2013 by Lake Winter. He launched Woodzee with three different sunglass designs that utilized natural materials like wood (hence the name Woodzee)!

The brand uses recycled materials including : wine/whisky/tequila barrel staves and authentic skateboard decks. Talk about creative and one of a kind! Woozee’s biggest seller is the recycled skateboard sunglasses. The brand recently began using plant based plastics that are biodegradable. This ensures high quality and durability. “Style & Nature” is Woodzee’s slogan as they are committed to striving to utilize materials that are renewable. The sunglasses are designed in California, with each style named after a specific region in the Golden State. Check out their fun, cool, stylish shades here