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The Little Black Bow’s collections are not just garments, they are power, an identity and a language. The high quality silk used, the delicate embroidery and finesse of the intricate details are unmatched. What defines the brand as a work of passion and love, is the creation of something idiosyncratic with every design. A homegrown brand with fashion cachet, every garment has an individualistic story, a style quirk, a travel favorite, an eclectic icon.

Their latest collection called “PUNCH DRUNK LOVE” was inspired by the idea of a palm tree dappled courtyard, the light of a winter morning, a distant cat meow, a bird chirp, rented pineapples, the arrival of a yellow taxi and open windows that smell like happiness. An updated version of the designer’s signature off-duty look modernized with ruffled trimmings and plush fabric. The collection is a homage to great literary writers like F.Scott Fitzgerald, Anna Karenina, Verdi etc. Just like a Taylor Swift song hits home, the outfits from the collection exude the energy of something familiar yet luxurious. The vibrant hues of yellow, pink, teal, blue and green are a perfect example of Anna Karenina’s quote : 

“He felt as though the sun were coming near him”.