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Known as the Shoe Empress via her instagram profile Anje Collins is the co founder of Rogers Pearson, a luxury shoe and accessories brand that was launched in 2022. The brands motto is “Luxury is Silent,” and is embodied in every piece they make. Collins has a Masters in Public Relations from UC Berkley. Her 25 years of experience as a publicist and event producer help her to navigate the world of fashion with comfort and ease. Her business partner Brian Pearson is an extremely successful and sought after franchise broker. Together they are creating shoes and accessories that cater to both men and women at any budget. Rogers Pearson is curated in Los Angeles, CA, exclusively crafted in Florence and Barcelona.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Anje a few questions about her brand the inspiration behind it and what’s next for the entrepreneur, and here is what she

had to say :

Kia Danielle : When did you realize you wanted to start your own shoe/accessories brand?

Anje Collins : In 2019, I experienced a fall that resulted in a broken ankle, and I was forced to remain immobile for a period of six months as a result. This provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my life, which I had spent working as a publicist for celebrities for the previous 38 years. I came to the conclusion that working in public relations was not what I wanted to do anymore, and instead, I wanted to pursue a career in an industry that I was truly passionate about, which was the shoe industry.

K D : What accessories does your brand offer?

A C : We have luxury shoes for both men and women, as well as accessories for traveling.

K D  : Take me through the process from conception to birth of what’s it’s like building a brand from the ground up?

A C : This is my second brand, if you can believe it. During the pandemic, I started a company called Coco Blue Shoes, but the supply chain was moving at such a snail’s pace that I had no choice but to switch to the fast fashion industry. In the year 2022, I came to the realization that it is difficult to compete in the fast fashion industry with companies such as Fashion Nova and Ego shoes since these companies have the financial resources to reduce the pricing of their shoes on a daily basis. Therefore, in July 2022, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to close Coco Blue Shoes and instead open Rogers Pearson, which would include designs created together with my business partner Brian Pearson.

K D : What makes Rogers Pearson unique from other accessory brands?

A C : Our women’s boots are available in two different calf sizes to accommodate the needs of women who have larger calves. Every pair of shoes that we sell is designed in Los Angeles, and then manufactured in Spain and Italy. The Nike comfort insole, which ensures that your feet will not experience any discomfort, is included in all of our shoes.

K D : If you could describe your brand in three words what would they be?

A C : Luxury is Silent

K D : What’s your favorite part about designing shoes?

A C : When it comes to designing shoes, my favorite part is coming up with the design, then sending it out to the factory to be manufactured, and finally seeing the finished product.

K D : What’s next for Rogers Pearson? Would you ever consider starting a clothing line?

A C : The next step for Rogers Pearson is going to be the development of a fashionable jewelry line. Because there is so much competition and so much work involved, I don’t think I would ever start a clothing company.

K D : Where can people purchase your shoes and accessories?

A C : Via our website