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Family of creative people who are passionate about their work welcomes you to our “not PERFECT LINEN” home. We empower our customers to lead the manufacturing process by working on a pre – order basis. For us creating ethical items brings the sense of community and it is like a quiet protest against mass produced goods.We make goods that involve years of learned skills, passion, commitment and sincerity. We are absolutely dedicated to the thoughtful creating/making process so we try to avoid programmed machines or other non – human help and try to use as much human input in the whole process as possible in order to provide you with a truly handmade item. Timeless silhouettes are re-interpreted within the context of modern life, with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail resulting in ready-to-wear collections for women and men that are designed to last.

“Our Lithuania based studio is home to a safe community of women, and everyone is paid a fair living wage. Our production team only makes what we need, and no more—at the end of each year our obsolete inventory usually fits in one shoebox. We believe in a long life for fashion and want our customers to buy what they love in the hopes they will cherish each design for many years.Every item is made-to-order, meaning we are cutting out costly material and manufacturing waste, and the operational overheads of traditional retail.We push the boundaries of what responsibly grown, and ethically manufactured materials can achieve. Sensual and strong, our collection is designed for living..” – Simona & Vidas, Owner and Marketer
We strongly believe that thoughtfully selected Oeko – tex certified linen fabric from our local manufacturers, simple cuts of clothes which usually suits all ages, shapes, sizes, that lovely loose fit and relaxed look of the piece is our strength and the best we can offer for our customers. The brand promotes a conscious approach, continuously evaluating its social and environmental impact to facilitate educated and sustainable business growthGearing all brand operations towards a more sustainable future, relationships with makers and energy-efficient production models are supported by mandates of inclusivity, diversity and transparency, reflecting care confidently back into each of the brand’s designs. The brand works actively to effect change and uphold its core values, working with people, planet and partners to implement fair and inclusive standards, reduce environmental impact and give back to the community. 







When the brand talks about adding value to the sustainable fashion movement, reducing manufacturing waste is really a crucial area. The brand is highly dedicated to reducing waste, so it is common for them to use every bit of fabric. They have no unsold items as they make items on demand. They also have a well planned and executed design phase to ensure less waste is generated at each manufacturing stage. They commonly incorporate off cuts as most leftovers from the cutting process find their potential place in another garment, whether a pocket, belt, neckline, drawstring, etc. They also donate bundles of scraps to crafters that use them in quilts, applique, stuffing, doll clothes, animal toys and more. The entire operation of designing, cutting, sewing, labelling, packing and shipping is done exclusively in their studio. It cuts out middle men, significantly reduces transportation air miles and helps them to monitor the entire process closely. “The simplicity and imperfection of linen are the key concepts we must embrace for a sustainable future.” not Perfect Linen

Built on a foundation of community, transparency, and organic scarcity, every decision is guided by a value system based on three pillars – human, animal, and environmental welfare. Empathy for the Earth and its inhabitants is the common thread through transparent supply chains, stringent chemical management and animal welfare  standards, living wages, safe working conditions, and full carbon offset program.